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Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road is a 660 km track right through the wild heart of the Kimberley and is one of the Kimberley’s main attractions.

“The Gibb” takes you from King Sound at Derby to the Cambridge Gulf at Wyndham, through a spectacular landscape of intensely colored ranges, dramatic gorges, lush rock pools and waterfalls – everything the Kimberley is famous for.

The Gibb River Road offers people the unique opportunity to experience the real outback Australian lifestyle. You can experience life on the cattle stations, learn about the rich aboriginal and pastoral history of Australia’s Great North West, visit indigenous communities, and meet the true, genuine characters of the Australian bush. If you are traveling up north, get off the bitumen and experience the true Kimberley.

The Gibb River Road road is now the responsibility of Main Roads WA and improvements to creek crossings and jump ups are being made every year. The majority of the road surface is of dirt and gravel construction with only some floodways paved.

The Kununurra Visitor Centre recommends use of high clearance robust vehicles, preferably 4WD, for DRY season (May to October) travel. Towing of any type is not recommended. However, well-constructed off road trailers may survive the often corrugated conditions in the ‘Dry’. Caravans are not recommended.

Wet season (November to April) travel can be severely restricted by flooding and road closures as the countryside can become very waterlogged. Access to the gorges is very often not possible and, if travel occurs, is restricted to the Gibb River Road itself and not to the sidetracks into the gorges. A 4WD vehicle equipped with a snorkel is essential once the rains have started. Travelers in breach of official Road Closure and Road Restrictions are subject to fines.

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