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The creeks and rivers around Wyndham are the natural habitat of the potentially dangerous salt water crocodiles. Strictly no swimming.

4WD vehicles are recommended, and needed to get to most locations. Always obtain current advice including weather and tide information & detailed map and/or directions before heading to these locations. Except for the wharf, all fishing locations involve unsealed tracks, often impassable in the wet season.

Gill netting in the rivers and estuaries of the East Kimberley is prohibited and substantial fines apply to offenders.

Precautions to Take

The West Kimberley area is remote and precautions should be made to maintain safety.

The following should be mandatory to anyone who intends to undertake a fishing trip:

  • A reasonable supply of food & fuel.
  • At least 10 liters of water per person (more if going on an extended fishing trip).
  • Advise someone of your destination and the time you plan to return.

Ensure that you take your rubbish home with you. Most of the fishing areas are on Station Leases. It is important that when passing through gates you leave them as you find them. If open, leave open, if shut, close after entry. No shooting is allowed on these properties.